Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Old King is Gone, Long Live the King

People need a leader.  I wish it were not true, that people would be able to think for themselves, but as the feminist movement, the progressive movement, the conservative movement, and the neoconservative movements have all proven, people want more government, not less.  They want to defer their leadership to someone else because it is the easiest way to absolve themselves of the responsibility for their actions.  Like Pilot washing his hands in front of mob while ordering the execution of Jesus, for the crime of free speech no less, everyone wants to blame the other guy and clear their own guilt in the matter.

For the Ron Paul movement, this is sadly no exception.  While Ron Paul himself stood for freedom, individualism, and a world where people are self-determinant and instead adhere to the non-aggression principle.  He knew his run in Congress would be a Hail Mary play in politics.  To be the one man who stood against the growing tide of Statism and tyranny.  It was very admirable and I doubt this generation or the next will see another man like him.  It is very rare for men who think like him to risk politics.  Rarer still that they come out of it largely untouched by its corrupting influence.

So it is no wonder that already many in the liberty movement are wondering who the next man in Congress will be their man.  Already Senator Rand Paul has proven to be wanting in many cases, although he done more than most other “Tea Party” candidates have done for the cause of liberty.  In any case, it is clear that there was only one Ron Paul, just like there was only one Ronald Reagan for the conservative movement and only one Bill Clinton for the, um, blowjob movement.

What if the real answer is simply that there should be no one to lead.  What if the real answer is for people to start living outside of the government and to practice the non-aggression principle at all times.  To ignore all the regulations, mandates, and laws that choke the average man and only serve to empower a select few while scraps are handed out to the other parasites who are glad to get their “Obamaphones”.

Perhaps we should focus inwardly, perfect the art of liberty, and pass on that knowledge to our descendants.  In Italy, for example, there is a large black market, which is widely considered to be socially acceptable as they rightly view all politicians and government agents as corrupt parasites.  Maybe here in the United States, we could build something like this here.

We won’t achieve liberty through political means.  If anything, Ron Paul has proven that in his decades of service within Congress.  The common mentality of those who desire power through political means is one of selfish ambition and greed, not altruism nor benevolence.  Hell, it wouldn’t surprise if Ron Paul had a few skeletons in his own Congressional closet.  I certainly didn’t agree with his own pork barrel legislative measures.

The main point is that Ron Paul was the king of the liberty movement and while he still has life and has plans to continue it, he is no longer at the level of power he once had.  His congressional district is gone (probably on purpose by Republican operatives).  His run in Congress is done.  And while he may still have influence, there is a limit as he will die eventually.

So put not your faith in kings of this world, but work for your own life.  The best thing you can do for liberty is to live it and defy the tyrannous yahoos who presume to be gods among men when they are really just children in adult clothing.

The individual is sovereign.  The individual is the king of himself.

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