Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who Put Corn in My Coke?!?

Why, the government did, of course, largely due to special interests:

Mountain Dew Throwback tastes better than “modern” Dew

What this video fails to mention is that the Corn industry is also heavily subsidized as well and since it is domestically produced, it was a more viable solution once corn syrup was developed.

With new research indicating that high fructose corn syrup causes obesity and that GMO corn causes cancer, it is a good idea to avoid corn syrup products as much as possible.  Now, I’m not saying that GMO corn does cause cancer, it may very well not, but you have to at least consider it because nobody really thought that smoking cigarettes caused cancer.  It wasn’t even scientifically proven until the mid-1990s, even though we pretty much had accepted that simple fact long beforehand.

Basically, this serves as an example of how government officials are not only corrupt, but demonstrate that they are too incompetent to rule over us as their policies cause more harm than good.  It also explains why total democracy is a bad idea all around because in practice, the majority only cares about a few key issues and lets the elected officials do what they want otherwise.  In democracy, the greatest ally of the Statist is the apathy of the voter.

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