Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lew Rockwell Owns the Gang of Overlords

Lew Rockwell says his side won (the non-voters) as there were more of them (us-I include myself, last election where I bothered to vote was back in 2000) than the votes for Obama and Romney. Fewer and fewer people are voting in the "democracies" which can only be a good sign. If only a small percentage of the non-voters are indicating by their lack of participation in the "democratic process" that the whole thing is a sham and a scam, then we are making progress.

And for those of you foolish enough to have waited in line to vote this election, just subtract your vote from the total of any race and ask yourself, did you waste your time? Did your one vote change an outcome or make anyone notice or care that you took the trouble to vote? If anything, not voting gets you more attention and possibly results. Romney got fewer votes (at least 2 million fewer) than John McCain in 2008. What's being noticed now is that it may not have been "demographic change" this cycle that determined the outcome (though the nation is certainly becoming less white as a percentage of population and greater numbers of non-whites are unfortunately voting for more government) but the fact that potential Republican voters never showed up at the polls. These include conservative finally fed up with the party establishment selecting big government "moderates" like McCain and Romney and libertarians and Ron Paul supporters staying home for being ignored and left out of the campaign. The Ron Paul forces in particular were treated shabbily at the GOP convention in Tampa. The irony now is, if the Republican party hopes to avoid the fate of the Whigs, it has to become more libertarian and appeal to the very movement its establishment currently so thoroughly despises.

Rockwell touches on a lot more as well, including the secession movement currently gaining steam. Let's just say he rightly, and for all the right reasons, comes out in favor of secession.

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