Monday, November 12, 2012

Pity the Veterans and Hate the State that Abuses Them

This Veteran’s Day, let us remember that the United States government’s soldiers have gone to war for no good reason.  For the past century, the United States government has engaged in wars where soldiers have been traumatized, mutilated, and killed for no good reason.  From World War I (the war to end all wars) to the Iraq War, the US government has made it clear that it will waste as many young men as it can in order to achieve obscure goals like democracy for all or freedom for all.

I do not hate veterans.  In many cases I pity them.  But I do not regard their sacrifices as honorable or meaningful because the reasons for it were not honorable at all.  From fighting a war with Germans in order to protect the interests of J.P. Morgan (know your history) during President Wilson’s reign to occupying Afghanistan in order to secure their heroin fields (illegal drugs is good business), our leaders have done horrendous things and inflicted so much pain and suffering on naïve young men.  Young men whose only desire is to simply protect their country.

Our leaders took advantage of this again and again, all the while telling the rest of us civilians that these men died for our freedom.  The sad truth is: they died for nothing.  They served in these wars for no good reason.  There was no meaning to any of it, just pointless slaughter and death.  It is a harsh reality and a difficult concept to accept, I know.  To tell a man that all the people he’s killed were for nothing or that all the dead soldiers died for no good reason.

Our overlords view the soldiers as nothing more than disposable heroes.  Just look at what they did to Brandon Raub, whose only crime was committing an egregious act of freedom of speech.  The State will continue to treat veterans like garbage and the rest of the Americans will be told to honor them.  It is a sick group of people who inhabit the top ranks of our country and they need to be stopped.

But I digress.  To all those veterans out there who are not Chris Kyle or like him, I am sorry for my honesty.  I view you as victims of the same people who wish to enslave people like me (they’re halfway there) and so I view you with pity.  To those veterans and soldiers who contributed heavily to Ron Paul, I’m sorry that the bankster overlords who you are in service to managed to out-donate you and got Romney the nomination.

And for those who are still deployed in warzones, remember that you have to do what you have to survive, but don’t be afraid to defy or disobey orders, especially immoral ones.  When you commit evil acts, you are guilty and saying that you were just following orders is not an excuse, as the Nuremburg Trials demonstrated.  I know it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your superiors and stand your ground on moral issues, especially you are in the middle of nowhere, but you must.  What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?


  1. Replies
    1. That's how I view Social Security and Medicare recipients.

    2. How do you sign up to be poor and/or old?

    3. You don't have to sign up for S.S. and Medicare, I didn't, and yet somehow the Feds take taxes to "pay for it" out of my check.

    4. Yeah, and like Ayn Rand, I bet you'll be collecting on it, Nikk.

    5. How do you sign up to be poor and/or old?

      Poor financial planning for one thing. If you reach the government-mandated age of retirement and are still paying a mortgage, for example, you've failed.

    6. So what would you have "poor planners" do? Die in the streets?

      Also, I'd like to know how you plan for having your insurance company drop you when you get sick. That has been the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country for years.

    7. Fuck the insurance companies! Crony capitalist corporations!

  2. Yeah, and like Ayn Rand, I bet you'll be collecting on it, Nikk.

    No, the Feds won't have the money to pay me.

  3. I heard that a lot of our veterians are being denied their benefits. I was up in the Cheboygan,Mi. area for the fourth and found out that the venterian repersentive at the veterians offices their where putting for benefits and having no trouble collect for different ailment like their feet hurting and can you believe this,for jumping in the water and getting water up their nose while swimming.????How can you collect a 900.00 dollar a month disability check for jumping in the water while swimming and getting water up your nose. Can you believe that,but it is true. A veterians representative,at the veterians affairs office up in Cheboygan,MI.,Michial Wise is collecting 900.00 dollars a month for that very reson. he was laughin about how he used his job position to get his and many other people in government positions there checks for frivuluss claims like his. while veterians with lost limbs and mental impairments are being denied their benefits.


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