Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sanctions- More Deadly Than The Atomic Bomb?

Comparing the effects of sanctions vs nuclear bombs. Contrasting the fatalities of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to those of the sanctions imposed on Iraq in the 1990s. "Genocide masquerading as policy" as one congressman put it.-


Madeleine Albright, that stinking, statist, warmongering bitch, and criminal Clinton's Secretary of State, said the price of a million children DEAD was "worth it". Mitt Romney is in love with war crimes too. But it's Ron Paul (who opposes sanctions) who gets the wrath of non-thinking "conservatives" and Obama "liberals". He even gets more hate directed at him by Bret Alan types! Amazing!

Unlike the shock and horror that accompanied the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, there were no images of the 500,000 Iraqi children whose lives were cut short by sanctions to jolt the world into reality. Not only has America taken pride in the mass killing of innocent children, but encouraged by silence and the surrender to its weapon of choice, it has turned diplomacy’s weapon of mass murder on another country: Iran. There has been little resistance to sanctions in the false belief that sanctions are a tool of diplomacy and preferable to war. Enforcement of this belief has been a major victory for American public diplomacy. The reality is otherwise. Sanctions kill indiscriminately — they are far deadlier than “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” — the two atomic bombs that took the lives of over 200,000 people. In the case of Iraq, the United Nations estimated 1,700,000 Iraqi civilians died as a result of sanctions, 1.5 million more victims than the horrific atomic bombs dropped on Japan. Diplomacy’s finest hour.-Sanctions: Diplomacy’s Weapon of Mass Murder

Today as the United States continues to intensify its international economic sanctions programme against Iran, it is worth revisiting the catastrophic harm which a previous sanctions campaign against Saddam Hussein's Iraq had upon that country. While the sanctions failed to remove Saddam from power and by many accounts helped him solidify his grip on the country by keeping the overwhelming majority of the population focused purely on subsistence, they took a calculatedly devastating toll on Iraqi civilians.-Sanctioning society: From Iraq to Iran

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