Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Live Blogging the 2012 Election

6:07 – I cut my thumb, my potato is still in the oven, and I haven’t heard anything definitive… so this is a great time to start, right?

6:10 – The time stamps are for my time zone out East, and hopefully it should be sufficient to leave off the PM designation. This shouldn’t go all the way to midnight.

6:13 – Just as an early prediction, I think it will be Obama by 70-90. For a more specific prediction, we’ll go with the average and just say 80.

6:15 – In case anyone is curious, I did vote today. For president, I wrote in Jill Stein.

6:19 – Since everything has been said during this campaign, I’m putting on my contrary hat and considering some things no one probably bothered considering. For example: voter ID laws may suppress just as many elderly Republican voters as it will poor black voters. It’s possible that Republicans will shut themselves out of millions of Romney votes. Is it true? Who’s to say…

6:29 – First major update: my potato was not ready when expected and had to be put back in the oven. Romney is blaming Obama for this.

6:37 – If it seems like my heart isn’t in it, it’s only because I’ve been very confident of Obama’s re-election for a while now. I’m more interested in seeing how the House and Senate end up, not to mention a few local elections for me. I’m also curious if Colorado, Washington and/or Oregon will legalize marijuana. I may need to plan a vacation for next year.

6:53 – It’s looking unlikely that Republicans will gain the majority in the Senate, but they almost certainly will retain control of the House.

6:56 – I don’t know which is weirder… that Democrats are voting for a guy with a kill list, or that Republicans are voting for a guy who can speak French.

7:01 – Obama is projected to win Vermont and Romney is projected to win Kentucky.

7:07 – It’s official! The last great hope of liberalism has been re-elected! No, not Obama, Bernie Sanders.

7:09 – I predicted over a year ago, in August September of 2011, that Obama would be facing and defeating Romney today. Here’s the original post: (link)

7:14 – This segment of the live blog is brought to you by Mint M&M’s. Put them in the freezer, you can thank me later.

7:19 – Why is no one discussing the southern transgender demographic or double-amputee lacrosse moms? Ultimately, this whole election is clearly going to be decided by Pepsi drinkers, not Coca-cola drinking voters.

7:21 – I think the energy crisis could be solved by installing wind turbines in front of every Fox News anchor and Chris Matthews.

7:24 – Romney is projected to win Indiana. No surprise there. I grew up in Indiana, and they’re a few decades behind, so Romney has a lot of appeal there.

7:27 – I just heard the words I never hoped to hear in my life: “It could all come down to Ohio.” Luckily I know that is overly dramatized bullshit, but still… a scary thought.

7:29 – With 0% reporting, I’m calling Guam for Ron Paul. Soak it up while you can, guys…

7:31 – West Virginia is projected for Mitt Romney. Romney has 24 to Obama’s 3 at the moment.

7:40 – Florida is leaning Obama. As was the problem for Republicans in the past, the rural and elderly populations are shrinking while ethnic and educated demographics are increasing. The future does not look good for Republicans, be it later tonight or 4 years from now.

7:42 – South Carolina is being projected for Romney.

7:51 – Senate results are starting to come in, and it’s looking like Democrats may pick up a few seats and will likely defend many of their contested seats, but they will definitely not be gaining anything resembling a super majority (60 seats, or 59 Dems if you count Independent Sanders as well). It’s more likely that Dems will hold 50 plus Sanders or maybe 51.

7:59 – Seeing all of these lines of voters reminds me of when Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace came out. At least, that was the last time I saw such long lines to be disappointed.

8:01 – Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts (Romney’s home state), Maine (3 of 4 electoral votes, possibly all four after final numbers are in), and Rhode Island are projected for Obama. Oklahoma is projected for Romney.

8:02 – Obama is projected to have 64 electoral votes to Romney’s 40.

8:03 – Obama has a slight lead in exit polls in Florida and clear leads in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while Romney is clearly ahead in exit polls for Alabama and Missouri.

8:14 – Georgia is projected for Mitt Romney, giving him 56 compared to 64 for Obama.

8:21 – Democrats had far more incumbents and replacement candidates for long held seats up for re-election, but they are defending many of their seats and may pick up a few. Mourdock, the “rape is a gift from God” moron in Indiana, is currently behind.

8:31 – Romney is projected to win Arkansas and Tennessee, giving him a 73 to 64 lead in the electoral college at the moment.

8:50 – It’s been a slow half-hour, with some Senate results coming in, mostly in favor of Democrats. Remember that Democrats had more seats in jeopardy, so even though they are winning many of these races, they aren’t picking up many new seats (though it’s looking like they may add a couple, just as they may lose a couple).

8:54 – Lot of Bond commercials for Skyfall… Sean Connery has to be the best bond of all time, though I think Golden Eye was the best Bond film (if it had been an action movie unaffiliated with the Bond franchise, I think it could have stood on its own merits).

8:58 – Just as a heads up, expect some updates at the turn of the hour as more polls close and projections come on.

9:02 – Romney picks up Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska (3 of 5 electoral votes), North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas (obviously), Wyoming, and Mississippi. Obama picks up Michigan (Romney’s birth state), New York, and New Jersey.

9:03 – Electoral Vote Count: Romney 152, Obama 123

9:05 – For those interested, my dogs both voted for Obama (obviously), one of my cats voted for Romney (the white one), while the black cat surprisingly voted Libertarian. My striped cat, Skittles, wrote in Roseanne Barr.

9:07 – Republicans are officially projected to hold the majority in the House (little surprise here).

9:17 – Some good news for another legislator I’m a fan of: Elizabeth Warren is up in her race against Scott Brown. Could the Senate gain an actual liberal? Be still my heart…

9:25 – The current projected electoral vote count is 152 for Romney, 123 for Obama.

9:35 – I yawned for the first time today.

9:39 – You would think Florida would get their shit together, but they are shaping up to have a close race with controversy surrounding the results. Luckily, their electoral votes may be of no consequence.

9:42 – Pennsylvania is projected for Obama. Alan Grayson of Florida is also projected to win a newly created congressional district. He’s pretty cool (he’s very entertaining when he’s on Bill Maher).

9:44 – Electoral Vote Count: 152 for Romney, 143 for Obama.

9:47 – Elizabeth Warren has officially defeated Scott Brown, and Joe Donnelly has officially beat Richard Mourdock.

9:52 – With the current state of the race, Romney needs Florida and Ohio to win. He trails in both states, and in Florida particularly, there are primarily liberal counties left to report. It won’t be long now before it will be officially called for Obama.

9:57 – I think it was a poor choice for Republicans to court the rapist vote. Someone should have warned them that felons can’t vote in most states.

10:01 – Romney picked up Utah (and I assume Kolob). The current electoral vote tally is 158 for Romney, 143 for Obama.

10:05 – Obama will win New Hampshire for a whopping 4 electoral votes, bumping Obama to 147, compared to Romney’s 158.

10:16 – Democrats are projected to hold 55 Senate seats, while Republicans will lose 4 and have 43, with two Independents (both of which are expected to caucus with Democrats).

10:18 – James Carville on CNN is calling Florida, and by extension the election, for Obama. A Republican contributor next to him is reluctantly agreeing.

10:33 – Tammi Duckworth has defeated Joe Walsh for his House seat from the 8th district in Illinois.

10:37 – Ah, the old familiar game of waiting for Florida… can we just make Florida three different states to speed this whole process up?

10:45 – Early reports are saying Allen West has lost his re-election bid. Good riddance.

10:50 – Minnesota is projected for Obama, Arizona for Romney. New electoral vote count: Romney has 169, Obama has 157. Also, my initial reports of Allen West losing his re-election bid were hasty and unverified. It’s still up for grabs and it will be close.

10:54 – Just for some perspective, Fox News is projecting Romney ahead, 174 to 173. The Huffington Post has it at… 174 to 173, for Romney. Is this the first time in history these two have agreed?

10:57 – Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin lost his Senate seat to Claire McCaskill.

11:04 – After some West Coast pick-ups for both (mostly Obama…), Obama is up in projected electoral votes, 238 to 191. California is a bitch, eh Republicans?

11:07 – Here are the electoral counts of various news outlets. CNN has it at 238 to 191 for Obama. Huffington Post has it at 244 to 203 for Obama. And again, Fox News appears to be on the same page as liberal website Huffington Post, 244 to 203.

11:11 – Obama has officially picked up Iowa, which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans (or corn/soy).

11:16 – The biggest surprise of the night has to be Fox’s projections. Obama is currently up on Fox 262 to 203, compared to 250 to 203 on HuffPo and 256 to 191 on CNN. Damn Fox, your liberal bias is showing!

11:18 – Obama has officially been projected the winner of the election by CNN.

11:20 – HuffPo is the last to project Obama as the winner, as CNN and Fox have both declared Obama the winner.


  1. It looks very tight in some important states right now. Can't be good for Romney because he has a more difficult path to 270 than Obama.

    1. Better for Romney than you think, dumbass!

    2. Anonymous, I shall toast to your tears when they call it tonight. Cheers, mate.

    3. I wont be crying tears little Obama baby, you will!!!

    4. Don't bet on it. The only way I'm going to cry tonight is if my dog dies.

  2. I love candy that's been in the freezer, especially anything mint.

    1. I concur. Thin Mints are cookies, but they're the greatest freezer-food on the planet.

    2. Oh, cookies. Like girl scout cookies?

    3. You know it. Is there any other kind of Thin Mint? No seriously... is there?

    4. They should be another type of Thin Mint available all year...

  3. My prediction is Obama by the electoral college with Romney getting the popular vote

    1. It may look like that early, but the biggest precincts are urban and will lean Obama. As the night goes on, Obama's blow-out victory will be more apparent.

    2. Hardly a blow out but I wasn't right

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The Republidopes are already explaining Romeny's loss as caused by Sandy the hurricane LOL.

    1. I would blame the shitstorm of rape-apologists, myself.

  6. Romney still leads (narrowly) in the national popular vote, which if that holds, means the majority of voters has rejected Obama. Time to abolish the electoral college?

    1. I'll bet he wins the popular vote. Remember, the biggest counties (most densely populated, i.e. urban) are the last to report results.

  7. A win by 97 electoral votes and over 2.5 million in the popular votes, a true blow-out.

  8. Not a historic blowout, no. Not much of a "mandate". The GOP retained the House and over 30 governorships.


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