Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Conservative Media Bias

Two recent stories have shed more light on the blatant Conservative bias in the American media.

The first was the resignation of General David Petraeus as the Director of the CIA. Now, the real story here is that the guy is responsible for countless innocent people being killed overseas for… whatever the fuck it is we’re supposedly doing with our military in the Middle East. I wish I could say it was for oil, but gas is not less expensive. At this point, I have to assume it’s just because America likes killing Muslims.

In any case, which of his many heinous crimes forced him to leave in disgrace? Infidelity… because no one cares that he has blood on his hands, unless you count the time he fingered his mistress when she was on her period.

But that isn’t the really biased part. It’s the saddest part, but not the biased part.

No, the bias comes in with the over-analysis of how it impacts Obama… because everything that ever happens, ever, has to be blamed on Obama. I’m not a huge Obama fan myself, but I prefer to blame him for things he actually did, as opposed to just making shit up on a constant basis.

And that’s what the media did. “How long has Obama known about this and kept it quiet in order to not look bad before the election?” Well, it’s looking like he didn’t know, and strangely enough, Republicans like Eric Cantor did. But frankly, I don’t care that Republicans knew about some juicy gossip before the rest of us. It is irrelevant.

Well then, clearly Petraeus stepping down is a conspiracy to keep him from testifying over Benghazi… right? Except not. Petraeus will still testify, so again, more blatantly ignorant conspiracy theories coming from the right-wing media.

The real story here is… why does it matter if the Director of the CIA fucks someone who isn’t his wife? The only people who should be upset over it are Petraeus’ family, who I genuinely feel bad for at the moment. These are the sort of things the media has no business reporting, because a person’s private sexual life has nothing to do with how they perform on the job.

But the American news media isn’t really about news, it’s about turning everything into 24/7/365 reality TV, where frivolous personal drama trumps meaningful public debate, and Americans are intellectually lazy dipshits for buying into it.

This wasn’t the only story this week that exposed the embarrassingly right-leaning nature of American media. You also have the over-hyped coverage of “secession” petitions.

Let me get this straight… a few thousand morons went to the trouble of signing some online petition to do something incredibly dumb… and that gets more coverage than the entire Jill Stein campaign, which received several times more votes than these petitions are gaining signatures? Jill Stein got real votes, not online signatures which can be, and frequently are, easily forged. Hell, it’s getting more coverage than Gary Johnson’s campaign, too, just in case you’re the sort of prick who is incapable of supporting someone who wants to actually solve problems.

Since it’s another opportunity to showcase dramatic whiners throwing a hissy fit, the media has been all over this story, even though it amounts to fewer people than would fill my old high school’s bleachers for a basketball game proposing an idea that was dumb the first in it was suggested in the 19th century.

But honestly, who can be surprised by this? The media has no interest in helping this country, because a fully-functional society makes for bad ratings. The media wants a never-ending series of train-wrecks to point their cameras at, and if they have to derail a few trains… so be it.

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