Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Half Man Speaks..Then Apologizes

Seeing as how I am a Christian, with no apologies to anyone, I guess I have to talk about the recent celebrity uproar about Angus T. Jones’ comments about “Two and a Half Men” and his subsequent apology about it all.  You know, because, like, I’m a Christian and am therefore responsible for the collective actions of all Christians past, present, and future.

One of the largest problems I have with Christianity in the West is their unwillingness to call out evil in this world.  Now maybe you disagree with me and consider Christians to be stereotypically judgmental and narrow-minded, given that if you are reading this, you’ve likely watch more television and movies about Christians than actually sat down and talked with them about matters of faith and the supernatural.  But I firmly believe that one of the reasons for societal decadence is largely because Christians have not acted like Christians out of either fear or apathy.

That being said, I am glad that Angus T. Jones first stood up and trashed the show that had been a big part of his own life for his more formative years.  Whether you agree with him or not, it takes some courage to do this.  He related his own spiritual experiences and came to the conclusion that “Two and a Half Men” was not exactly the kind of entertainment he wanted other people to enjoy.  Perhaps he felt guilty for having participated in something that causes so many people to fall into sin.  Food sacrificed to idols and all that.  In any case, I know that child stars are often given a lesson in adult maturity at a much younger age than they are supposed to from many of their own accounts.  In some cases, they are repeatedly molested by Hollywood big shots, if we are to believe Corey Feldman’s account.  I doubt that Mr. Jones has endured all that though.

But then he had to go and issue an apology.  I am not going to speculate as to why too much, but it was disappointing.  To me, it smacks of someone trying to save their acting career as Hollywood is, by and large, the only game in town if you wish to make it big as an actor.  I’ll grant that there are multiple competing studios, but at the same time, they are all seem to share the same beliefs and produce the same quality of entertainment.  Mostly because that is what people want to see.

Really, I couldn’t care less what Mr. Jones thinks of the show he has acted in for so many years.  I’ve never really watch “Two and a Half Men”, save a few scenes here and there.  I have never found the show to be that funny because the jokes were predictable and the story was mostly bland.  If you enjoyed the show, I don’t care.

What I do care about, however, is the fact that Mr. Jones has trouble standing on principle.  I’ll cut him some slack since he’s only 19 and probably still confused about a lot of things in life, given the quality of education we’re all given and the lack of parental guidance that is socially acceptable these days.  Still, I hope he have more conviction in the future.

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