Thursday, November 15, 2012

McDouble Down

I'm on a diet again, and it's working. I cut out the junk, focus on more fruits and vegetables, and eat smaller portions. At work it's always tough, because I'm a stress eater and work is stress. I've kept a drawer full of snacks at my desk for a while. Now though, instead of stocking up for work and having all that temptation at hand, I stock up for home and just take what I'll need for the day to work. Yesterday I was up early before work and stopped by the store for a few things. That's easier for me since I work a late shift and hate stopping off when it's cold and dark. One thing I bought was a big bag of pistachios. Even having that whole bag there, I was able to pore a small portion out and stop eating after I'd consumed that amount. And pistachios are like potato chips for me, so it was an accomplishment. I'm finally gaining willpower instead of pounds.

Or so I thought. Yesterday I parked my temporary car (more on that some other time) in the sun because all the good spots are taken by the time I arrive at work. At lunch time I decided to move it to the shade, partly to help protect all my good stuff still in the trunk. But, I thought, as long as I'm starting the car, why not take it for a little run up to the food court? Sure, I'm on a diet, but I won't get much, and anyway, I won't eat for the rest of the day.

I went to the McDonald's drive-thru. I only had 3 dollars on me, so I ordered two McDoubles, thinking I'd go protein style and toss the buns. Well, I made a compromise with my original plan. I discarded one bun to save on carbs and stacked all the meat and cheese filling on a single bun. When I was done I had one hell of a hamburger. It almost looked like the burgers in the ads instead of something run over by a truck. I'm calling my creation the Double McDouble. I can almost taste it again as I write. I do have some spare change lying around. Hmm, maybe my diet can wait.


  1. No weight family throughout my family. But what giveth, he taketh: Mental illness is more of an issue.

    I love Pistachio (pronouced pis-tackio) gelato. Mind blowingly deee-lish.

  2. I hate pistachios.

    Or, to be precise, I hate that my idiot co-worker shells! and eats (mouth open!) pistachios not ten feet away from me.


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