Tuesday, February 7, 2012

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg to Egyptians: Do Not Look to the U.S. Constitution

The U.S. Constitution actually set America up for the future tyranny we live under today, with a wildly out of control Federal Government. The only thing good about it was the first ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights, which has been almost totally discarded by our ruling dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

Having said that, do you think the U.S. Constitution should still be used as a model for other countries? The New York Tines reports it is being abandoned: ‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World. The article states: The United States Constitution is terse and old, and it guarantees relatively few rights. In many ways this is true, but if the Constitution was actually followed, rather than ignored so that the political class can amass huge powers over the rest of the population, we would be pretty damn free, or a lot freer than we are right now.

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