Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Ultimate Fix The Government List

Most blogs are done by narcissists whose only desire is for people to pay attention and agree with them all the time.  Often times, bloggers will vehemently attack those who oppose them on their own blog, unless they aren’t narcissists and instead are just generally apathetic.  So most of the blogworld consists of complaints and grievances without out any solutions.  I often complain about how our governments of the world, especially the United States’ government, are full of morons who couldn’t tie their shoes to save their pathetic lives yet insist on ruling over me, but I don’t often offer up solutions.

Here’s a quick list of possible long-term solutions.  Please note that they aren’t perfect, probably will create some new problems, but I am confident that they won’t be as bad as the problems we are facing now:

  • Eliminate the Federal Reserve and allow free banking.  This solution will curb inflation, allow people to grow real wealth rather than be beholden to the whims of snobby elitists who believe they know better.  Right now, the interest rate from the Federal Reserve is essentially zero.  This has the effect of making the inflation rate much higher than it should (and don’t quote the lie that is the CPI-U to prove me wrong) where it could potentially become 7-10%.  In any case, our country survived without a central bank for decades before the Federal Reserve, so it is obvious they aren’t needed.
  • Require that every voter pass the citizenship test every two years in order to re-register to vote.  This idea is designed to keep the dumb masses out of voting.  The problem in this nation is not that people are voting, but that most people are too stupid to vote and make serious informed decisions, which affect all of us.  I know this because most political blogs make no money (please click on my ads) while celebrity gossip blogs make six figures if they are written by gay men.  I am all in favor of discrimination against the stupid and ignorant because they have the potential to deal the most harm.  Since the only thing that separates American citizenship from legal residences is the right to vote, I say the citizenship test is a good standard to go by.
  • Increase the number of representatives in the House of Representatives.  Right now, they are limited to 435 members.  Given that there are 310 million people in the United States, this makes each member of Congress a representative of roughly 712,644 people.  The idea behind the House was to represent the interests of the majority and how can one person represent the interests of over 700,000 people?  The Constitution actually demands that there be no more than 1 representative per 30,000 people.  I think that ratio better represents the interests of the people.  Yes there will over 10,000 representatives but that has some profound implications on the election process, like less laws being passed to oppress us and more access to representatives.  There is less likely to be lobbying in the House since it would cost lots of money to bribe thousands of people and there will be more opportunities for third parties to gain footholds in the House.  This also means that only the most important of laws would be passed as well.
  • Repeal the 17th amendment and have the Senate be selected by state legislatures.  This will ensure that a whole house of Congress is not beholden to lobbyists and that they properly represent the interests of the state rather than the will of a large group of idiots (or the will of a small group of corporate bag-munchers).
  • Repeal the 16th amendment.  It contradicts the 4th amendment and I’d prefer tariffs or sales taxes.  Income taxes are probably one of the most oppressive forms of taxation in the history of mankind.  Also, it doesn’t really tax the rich looters, just the rich producers.
  • Push through term limits for all members of the Federal government, including the judges and employees except the military.  This will ensure that we don’t have people making careers out of oppressing the common man.
  • Pass the Balanced Budget amendment.  Yeah, I know that Congress doesn’t give a flying frog’s ass about the Constitution, except maybe Ron Paul, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be codified into law to ensure that spending is balanced.  Maybe add a section to allow the people to publicly whip their representatives who don’t adhere to this amendment.
  • Pass an amendment that gets rid of Presidential veto and forces all laws to be passed by 2/3 majority.  This will ensure that any laws passed are ones that most people agree with.  Yeah, the other 1/3 gets shafted, but 1/3 of all Americans could be considered legally retarded by most standards.
  • Allow the Senate to override all Judicial decisions by a 2/3 vote unless those decisions were from cases that were brought to them by the Federal government.  Let’s face it, the Supreme Court is a place where the Constitution does not mean jack shit.  At least this way we can stop them from making decisions that adversely affect us.
  • Require all leaders in the Congress, Presidency, and Courts to undergo mental health evaluations.  This ensures that people aren’t suffering from dementia while in office, as I am certain many have been and still are.
  • Allow the states to nullify or contest laws passed by the Federal government and ultimately make a final decision as to its validity in a constitutional convention.  We really should have more constitutional conventions, maybe one every three years and that people be allowed to settle differences with a PCP-fueled cage match or an old fashioned duel.  It would at least get more people involved in the political process.

No, nothing will ever make any system of government (or lack thereof) perfect because people, especially in large groups, are not perfect.  But if these ideas were implemented, I suppose we can see more peace and stability.  But I’m sure this will create more problems because people are corrupt morons whose sole goals are to fulfill their own solipsistic desires.

However, if you disagree that these are good ideas, then you are a corporate moocher who deserves to be given 40 lashes for being an idiot.

Just sayin’.

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