Friday, February 3, 2012

To say Kucinich is as anti-imperialist as Ron Paul is laughable -- if you know the facts

Karl Franz Ochstradt commenting on a Michael Hudson conversation with Max Keiser...

Kucinich already has proved his anti-imperialist fraudulence by cowing repeatedly whenever "pressured" by SuperMandingo.


But if you're a PowerNoggin who knows facticity instead of facts, you look for reasons to love Kucinich and hate Paul, based merely on partisan alliance. So you'll believe Hudson's facticity despite the actual facts being contrary.

As to Austrian economics, they do not summarize simply to "centralized planning by bankers who can do whatever they like."

This would assume that a reformatting of the US Economy would leave existing bankers and banking structure in place.

What Hudson is whining about, indirectly, is this: he believes in big government and big regulatory schemes. And he knows PowerNoggins feel likewise, and fear almost more than anything the shrinking of government and the dissolution of regulatory schemes -- even where the regulatory frames show no real positive for anyone but the regulated entities!

Hudson's playing on the same themes that Bettybitch Warren played on: good "professional" people TRUST their government because they BELIEVE their government REGULATES the "bad guys" (...and by "REGULATES" it is assumed the regulatory activity limits or eliminates destructive behavior within the regulated community). - sorry nonny

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