Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sex Crisis In Japan?

...36% of males aged 16 to 19 said that they had "no interest" in or even "despised" sex. That's almost a 19% increase since the survey was last conducted in 2008.


...a whopping 59% of female respondents aged 16 to 19 said they were uninterested in or averse to sex, a near 12% increase since 2008.-Japan Population Decline: Third Of Nation's Youth Have 'No Interest' In Sex

Has Japan become a Francois Tremblay wet dream? Strong, independent women who feel no need for the weak, unmasculine men they are surrounded by, a population increasingly uninterested in sex, and practicing what amounts to voluntary human extinction?

Why is this a crisis? And even if it is in some sense alarming for the self-interest of existing Japanese (too many old people without enough youth to support their social security and welfare system into the future) why does that give them the right to demand new humans be produced? Creating a human life is an act of aggression against someone who has not asked to be brought into the world. It's really filthy and disgusting when you think about it. As always, it is the state, the premiere practitioner of aggression and evil, that promotes having children, and not because it loves humanity, but because without new slaves to tax and rule over, it goes the way of the dinosaur.

The Japanese people are doing a great thing by rejecting reproduction. Good for them. May the rest of the world follow their example so that not only the state and all its evil dies off, but the human race itself follows in the steps of those ancient beasts whose bones occupy our museums.


  1. Have you seen Japanese porn? Of course they have no interest in women, because real women don't have tentacles.

  2. This is only a crisis if you want the Japanese people to exist in a few centuries or so. If you don't like the Japanese, then this isn't a crisis at all.

    This is how a society kills itself in decadence. The Russians and the Chinese are doing it to themselves as well, along with Europe. The United States seems to have reached a population equilibrium, which can be just as bad when you consider the massive influx of immigrants who do not hold to the virtues of the liberty and freedom.

    1. Oh, I don't like humanity, period. No, no crisis at all. May the whole human race go extinct, and the sooner the better.


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