Friday, February 10, 2012

One Mitt Romney, Hold The Baloney!

Mitt "My Father Was A Carpenter" Romney is in trouble. It may not be the kind of trouble that ultimately denies him the Republican nomination, but trouble is brewing for him nonetheless. Much was made of Sicko Santorum's success in caucuses this week in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri, but some dismissed the results as relatively unimportant, considering the small number of participants actually voting in those contests. But these were the hardcore party regulars, the conservative base that need to be energized in a general election. If they are rejecting Romney in mass, it's a telling sign of the coming GOP electoral fiasco at the hands of the Obama machine.

So Romney tells a story of his dad's early years, in a too obvious attempt to connect with the common man and portray his roots as of humble origin. But his father could have been born in a shack with an outhouse out back, and that wouldn't change the fact that Mitt was born into wealth and privilege (his father George Romney was CEO of American Motors and Governor of Michigan ) and that his papa's story is not his own.

Why the rich worshipping Republicans wants stories of poverty is puzzling anyway (oh yeah, they prefer rags to riches stories because they reinforce the myth of "equal opportunity" and "anyone can get rich with hard work" BS) because we are always hearing about the "class warfare" of those who dare to point out the great disparities of wealth in America. Romney should therefore be emphasizing his quarter billion dollar fortune , at least to GOP audiences. The real problem is that would just make them see him as even more of a country club liberal Republican. The Republican rank and file are so disgusted by their choices (although the obvious choice for real change from Obamanation is right in front of their noses, that is, Ron Paul) that 20% of them may vote for the "Marxist Muslim" come November.

The Romney Sandwich

If Mitt for Brains had his own sandwich, it would be made with filet mignon topped with slices of dollar store baloney and lettuce, lots and lots of the green stuff. It would cost about $1,000 for half a sandwich with watery soup on the side, but as Mitt would say, that "doesn't amount to much". No one would buy it, of course, just as they aren't buying Mitt himself.

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