Friday, February 3, 2012

Drug Prohibition Violence In Mexico

Illegal Drug Market Violence in Mexico – Infographic
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Via: Rehab International


  1. The only cure is to make all drugs legal! but then what will happen while all the people are off getting wasted ? sure after a couple years most of the drug use will drop off and level out, but would America actually survive the initial jump in use?

    1. America survived ALL drugs being legal for decades before drug prohibition, and no, not everyone was wasted when they were legal.

      There were the same worries over alcohol abuse, which was rampant in 19th America, and which lead directly to the 18th Amendment, which was, as any honest person must admit, a failed (not to mention, evil) experiment.

  2. Would America survive a sudden tax boon in the legalization of drugs? I dunno... we might go to war with the rest of the world with all that money...

    Somehow, I think we'd manage.


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