Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sunday Question: Is It Ethical To Eat Meat?

I ask this question with a plate of sausage (damn you T.C.!) in front of me as I write. Do videos like this have any influence on you, the meat eater? Make you feel guilty? Make you want to give up meat eating? To me, human health should be the number one consideration, and I am not persuaded by the vegan propagandists that human health can be adequately maintained without using animal products for food.

Look, nature was extremely cruel to millions of animal species long before humans came on the scene. Of course, we should treat animals as humanely as we can, but they don't have "rights" in the sense that humans do. Some of the arguments in this video are really directed at factory farming or particular, possibly inhumane practices, but don't really address fundamental issues regarding the ethics of eating animals in general.

Would the vegans eat meat if they were starving and there was nothing else to do except kill a chicken?

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