Monday, June 6, 2011

It's The Comments That I Love...

Weiner admits tweeting his weiner, but the YouTube comments are always the best thing at YouTube on these kinds of videos:

What's wrong with this world. Its only a penis! Every male in this entire planet has one! No need to pretend nudity is wrong. DAMN YOU RELIGION!

Hmm, religion? So without religion, in a world of atheists, it would be no big deal to whip out your boner, dong, baby maker, baloney pony, joystick - whenever you felt like it, even in public? "Hey, President Obama just put up a photo on the Internet of his huge dick. He'll be reelected for sure now!"

Twitter was hacked, lol.

Facebook was hacked, lol.

What a sap.

Hey, it was possible...

Awwww poor baby is crying!

That's what you get you lieing democrat scum bag!

All democraps must resign!!

So, was it his penis or the crying that makes you say that? ALL Democraps? How about all Democraps and all Republicreeps? I say, they all must resign NOW!

Wooooo! Lovin' it!

I'm gonna rub this one in the face of democrats for many months to come! Hahaha!

Run salt in the wound!! HAHAHA YEAAAAH!!


I don't know, I think rubbing salt in the wounds is more effective than running it.

Who cares?

I have nothing to add to that.

At a dramatic Manhattan news conference, Rep. Anthony Weiner said he won't resign despite taking, sending lewd pictures to women.


  1. My first impulse is, "So what, does this affect his ability to lead?" To be honest, I'm more against the lying than the picture. I didn't understand that Republican who had the shirtless picture surface resigning. I laughed but I anticipated very little fallout.

    There is a religious aspect to the shaming of sex in general. He didn't "whip out" (a great term I fully endorse, by the way) his little Representative, though it was close. I felt the same way during the Clinton scandal or when people criticize Gingrich today... is adultery really evidence against how one leads? If anything, again, it is the cover-up that is the bigger crime than the actual infidelity.

  2. If anything, again, it is the cover-up that is the bigger crime

    Politicians never seem to learn any lessons from Richard Nixon's self-destruction.

  3. Oh and we need to start using the term "Weinergate" more. That is never going to get old, and we should cherish it while it's still relevant.


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