Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Discussion: Ron Paul's Accomplishments

Has Ron Paul accomplished anything during 12 terms and 30 years in office?


  1. If influencing and educating millions of people is nothing, then I guess, not much. I wish you were as obsessed with politicians who actually (unlike Ron Paul) support things you're against, like the war on drugs, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Patriot Act. Where are all your posts on Harry Reid, or the "liberal" Democrat party. What has Obama accomplished (except becoming as big a war criminal as Baby Bush)? But no, I see your point. Those things are real accomplishments!

    Your hatred of and focus on Ron Paul is telling, however. If Ron Paul hasn't accomplished anything, then he's not a threat to anyone, yet, strangely, you keep posting about him. Bret doth protest too much, methinks.

    But, Ron Paul beat you to it, anyway:

    "I came into the Congress a good many years ago and my goal was to shrink the size of government and balance our budget, pay the bills, have sound money and live within our means and mind our own business. And I haven’t done a very good job. It seems like we’re going in a wrong direction" Ron Paul on CNN’s State of the Union 6/5/2011

  2. I question if Ron Paul has influenced anyone, or if he (sort of) represents a small minority which exists independent of him. If fiscal responsibility and increasing civil liberties are his message (and I believe they are a major component), he has certainly failed. Although really, I don't blame him or malign him for those "failings," I just don't like him for the things we disagree on. Well, that and seeing you put him and his son on a pedestal.

    Hmm... why don't I write a bunch of posts about how much I love Harry Reid, the "liberal" Democrat party, and Obama... something tells me you don't need me to answer that one. I know trying to make a point publicly will trump any desire to pull from knowledge you may have regarding my views on the matter. That's to be expected when one of your idols is being smeared. I forgive you for your cheap tactics.

    I don't think Ron Paul is a "threat." What your warped, polarizing mind might have trouble grasping is that there is middle ground between me saying he's a threat (which I don't do) and philosophically sucking him off (which you do). I disagree with some of his ideas, agree on others... and that makes him very much like every other politician, in my view.

    Maybe it's time I write a post about why I don't fawn over Democrats, though honestly... I feel like you just have to look at their record for five minutes and it will be plainly clear to anyone who even remotely knows what I'm about. It's like I always say, I hate all conservatives, be they Republican or Democrat.

  3. Also, I find it hilariously telling when a discussion has more star ratings than comments, and they are negative. It's always nice to see people disapproving of questions on Skeptical Eye.



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