Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breaking News: Captain Jack Sparrow a Muslim!

Although I must say, if he drinks rum... he's not a very good Muslim.


  1. It;s funny, because its wrong. Look at any of the pictures that are actually of jack sparrow and you can see that the piece of jewelry definitely does not have a crescent star.

    1. Thats funny as this offical site has a picture with the crescent star on the poster for its release in point denying that tis world is an always shall be revolving around Islam..mainly as its the truth and the laws of teh almighty

  2. I drink lots of rum! Im Muslim to! Osama had porno collections? he a "good Muslim" but not me for a little rum? What gives with your lying?

  3. Osama was not a good Muslim...

  4. yeah im a muslim too... and i'll said osama was not a good muslim..
    thats what u got is just hv religion whitout knowledge !

    drink alcohol and rum and u can said u r muslim? what an idiot! shame on u

    -kotchi sama

  5. It actually is true because the movie character is based on Jack Birdy who converted to islam and was name yusef reis always meaning jack sparrow in islam. he was obsessed with birds (hence the name). he also gave up drinking after converting to islam and lived in tunsia.

  6. only Allah/God/The Only Judge can judge Osama and none of you.. as well as you're not the One who will interrogate/forgive/punish because of his sins and acts.

    ontopic: nice cartoon!


  7. He sure is fine, though


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