Saturday, June 4, 2011

An Army of Lee Harvey Oswalds

Forget for a moment those conspiracy theories that claim Oswald wasn't that good a shot, or at least, not good enough to take off Kennedy's head from the School Book Depository.

What would you do if you had an army of Lee Harvey Oswalds at your disposal? Or, what if it was only a few Oswalds? How would you put them to use? What would you order them to do? Remember, any time Lee Harvey Oswald is involved, only he gets the blame for whatever happens, so no worries there, either.


  1. As long as I could have one or two of these guys along for the ride:

  2. i would bet the farm on the superbowl and have them take out the best starters on the other team.

  3. This got to be stupidest you ever wrote. Lee harvey Oswalds is dead! and cia killed the Mr. Kennedy President anyways! ?????

  4. the head is to big for the body .. sticks out like dogs balls


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