Friday, June 3, 2011

12 Angry Men

A discussion of the 1957 classic film '12 Angry Men,' about a jury in New York City deliberating the guilt of an 18-year-old boy from the slums accused of murdering his father.

Can't remember when I first saw 12 Angry Men, but it was probably back when AMC was still a commercial-free channel. I have always been into old black and white films, and watching a classic for the first time was an experience I enjoyed over and over as I sought out the countless movies I had never seen before.

12 Angry Men might be considered a "liberal" movie (listed as such here), and I seem to remember National Review (in the print version of the magazine) listing it in a sidebar to a list of best conservative movies as a great liberal film. 12 Angry Men could never be a best "conservative" film in their eyes, because conservatives worship the police, prosecutors, and the criminal court system (at least when it's tossing the powerless into prison for long sentences). If you're simply an anti-statist, however, the film can be celebrated as a lesson in how the system can railroad the innocent, especially when they're poor or working class. It can also be seen, I suppose, as a celebration of how our jury system is supposed to work, ideally, but rarely does in practice. If juries were still ruling on the justice of the law itself, we might have justice in many more verdicts, but our black-robed tyrants have seen fit to deny juries those natural rights.

12 Angry Men Trailer

The film is on You Tube here.

Now, if you're just not into watching 12 middles-aged men in black and white, how about 12 hot chicks in bikinis?

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