Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scarerrorism: TSA Security Checkpoints Coming To A "Soft" Spot Near You

"Freedom coming with an increasingly heavy price"? This is your statist media spewing government scaremongering propaganda. We have, in fact, sacrificed freedom and liberty on the altar of a false sense of security and an exaggerated threat of terrorism. But increasingly the attitude is of the gentleman in the video who says "better safe than sorry". That's the America we have now...this is no longer the home of the brave and the land of the free, but rather the home of the cowardly who need Big Daddy Government to "protect" them and the home of the slaves who have given up on freedom and accepted a total police state in the name of "fighting the bad guys".

The American people will get what they deserve in the end...and you fucking statists can all kiss my freedom-loving ass...ASSHOLES!


  1. Why do you hate America? If you don't like it so bad, why don't you pack and leave and go somewhere else.

    We are in a war with radical Islam and the sooner you understand that the sooner you'll stop being such a whining loser!

  2. I can just see GW (not Bush) and TJ, in between debating the contents of the Bill of Rights, going all Jack Bauer on a tied up sand nigger. To save lives you understand.

    Even though back in those days Barbary Pirates were real whereas today supposedly 100 'al Qaeda' are in Afghanistan and so far 4000 American soldiers have been spent trying to find them. Oh and they'd better be careful where they place their ordinance so as not to damage the opium crop, as this is a new "opium war".

    Of course thankfully in Libya, al Qaeda and America's crown reoccupation government find themselves on the same side. Just like they were in Kosovo back in the 90s. Go al Qaeda! Woo! I mean, you wouldn't want to be against the white knight USgov would you? That would be unamerican.

    "the right to alter or abolish it"


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