Sunday, May 29, 2011

Living With Diabetes - For 85 Years!

When Bob Krause turned 90 last week, it was by virtue of an unflagging determination and a mentality of precision that kept his body humming after being diagnosed with diabetes as a boy.

A leading diabetes research center named the San Diego resident the first American known to live 85 years with the disease, a life that has paralleled - and benefited from - the evolution in treatment. Read more: Man celebrates 85 years of living with diabetes

It's interesting as he talks of how treatment has changed in all those years. Just living to age 90 is pretty damn good by itself, living since childhood with his disease is even more amazing.

I have several relatives who have developed adult onset (now called type 2) diabetes. My parents haven't, so I suppose that's good news for me, but I have aunts on both sides who have, and my grandmother on my Mom's side did. Cure or not, it is such great progress we've made in keeping people alive with serious illness and allowing them to live long and full lives. This will only increase and, even better, true cures (maybe even for aging itself) await us as this century unfolds.

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