Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gas Price Myths

As Americans across the country gas up their cars for their Memorial Day getaways this year, their wallets will take a bigger-than-usual hit. That's because gas prices are up $1.06 from last year according to a study by AAA. In fact prices have more than doubled since President Obama took office. And while the media has been slow to demand answers of the President, he has been busy trying to deflect attention away from his incoherent energy policy with a number of gas price-related myths. From overstating the impact of green energy to downplaying the devastating impact of his drilling moratorium, the President should spend less time trying to deflect criticism and more time working to ease pain at the pump.

via Berman Post


  1. I thought the president meddling in private markets would be Socialism... I guess since you think it affects your wallet, the president ought to get on it.

    You say one minute you oppose oil subsidies and government intervention (which is why gas is cheaper in the US than anywhere), but then the next minute you're blaming "high prices" on green energy and drilling bans that were implemented due to the complete lack of safety involved in the process... but I guess you already forgot about the BP spill, because gas is expensive NOW, so who cares about the consequences of our oil addiction?

    Quit being a shill for industries that are determined to gouge and poison us, it's pathetic. You blame Obama, but you're part of the problem.

  2. would be Socialism

    Dumbass, I am a socialist!

    But no, what you're pointing out is not socialism, it's fascist corporate statism.


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