Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End is Nigh?

1 What do you think is causing the belief the end is nigh?
2 Do you think it has any validity in any way?
3 If so, what is the substance of that?
4 What will the outcome be?

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  1. The following occurred to me back in January:
    Eschatological paranoia is fueled by an awareness that others are enduring a personal apocalypse now, and that none familiar with its cause should remain immune to its effects.

    So I basically think that we humans have a hard-wired awareness of unfairness & hypocrisy and an innately creeping feeling that somehow, someway, we'll all be set straight.

    That evidence would seem to point to the world slowly descending into hell probably validates the feeling for some, but I'm not convinced. This world has always been heaven & hell. Our disappearance from the face of it will be merely the result of the passing of events.


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