Friday, May 27, 2011

The "Liberal" Argument Playbook

Number One: Ignore any facts that don't fit your lies and falsehoods. If you do stumble over a fact that shows your position is absurd, use a strawman argument or even better, go for the old argumentum ad hominem against your opponent who brought up the inconvenient fact.

Number Two: Say it's all the Republicans fault (or libertarians, right-wingers, tea partiers, Ron Paul).

Number Three: Call your opponent a racist (and if they think Lincoln was a tyrant and the South was right to secede from the Union and the War for Southern Independence was a right and just cause, say they support slavery).

When all else fails, just tell the person with the facts on their side to go fuck themselves.


  1. meh. The same could be said of the lowest rung of all political groups.

  2. Hmm... if someone doesn't take what you say seriously and they don't bother responding with long explanations which you will dismiss... and it's their fault. That seems legit...

    I can't imagine why anyone would think you're racist for being such a huge supporter of the Slave States. Clearly the problem is everyone else and their inability to grasp the nuance of your douchebaggery.

  3. Bret, your trolling is pathetic. Now go fuck yourself.

  4. I'm just mirroring Bret's moronic idiocy, folks. He generally has nothing of substance to say, so just tells anyone with the truth on their side to go fuck themselves. He admits his purpose is to act as a troll when he disagrees with the facts, and that instead of engaging in genuine argument with someone, his goal is to get them angry.

    Sorry, Bret, but we've been down that road many times. It won't work on me anymore. You really are tiresome and not worth responding to or wasting time on. Of course, I've also answered you too many times to count on the issue of slavery, so I'm not going to bother casting my pearls before swine like you any longer.

  5. I have nothing of substance to add... well, I guess I don't have other people's substance to add, nor do I get all defensive about professional politicians I have a boner for (like Elizabeth Warren, because I go for socialist librarian types).

    But I shouldn't get personal about that after you managed to string four paragraphs together on your own.

    *Gold Star*

    Good job!


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