Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why Are You Still A Statist?

If you still refuse to morally condemn your government's violent imperialism, then do your dignity a favor and STFU about Osama Bin Laden because all things considered, he's small potatoes compared to the crimes of statism.


  1. You do realize it's insane to feel the way you do about the government, given your stance on the Slave States. In fact, the notion that you can dismiss the horrors of slavery and still support the Slave States is evidence that you are every bit as guilty of cognitive dissonance as anyone who blindly supports the current regime.

    I'm just saying... you should get your own glass house in order before you go throwing stones.

  2. Another moronic comment from Bret! You're just embarrassing yourself. Why don't you stop trolling and make a real argument once in a while?

    First, as is typical of you, you throw out a random ad hominem instead of addressing the points made, because even if it were true that I support the idea of any states at all (it isn't) it wouldn't be relevant to this video.

    But I'm an anarchist, so I oppose all states. I also support any legitimate secession movements (which is what the War for Southern Independence was about), because smaller units of government are generally preferable to larger, very centralized, ones. We can see this in the massive growth of the role of the Federal government since Lincoln's war of aggression.

    If Texas (or any US state) were to attempt secession tomorrow, I would support that. It would not mean that I believed the new state of Texas was ultimately legitimate from my philosophical and political viewpoint, just that dismantling the Federal monster in Washington D.C. is better than the present course we're on.

    If anything, it's you are "guilty of cognitive dissonance" in your blind faith that the people can ultimately attain freedom by means of a system meant to keep a ruling class in power.


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