Monday, May 23, 2011

Discussion: Israel/Palestine

If Israel was created because Jews had been kicked out in 70 CE, does this mean we are giving countries to people about nineteen centuries after they get relocated? Are Native Americans on the waiting list? Have the Palestinians begun filing the paperwork to be given Palestine back?


  1. The palestines were not natives there, that;s a lie! The jews were settleing a long time before isreal bacame a nation.who was in the land when they bacme a nation? The jews! the palesines came for a few years before that to get jobs from the business the jews started! they are not there land! they are not a true nation like the jews! No right of return!

  2. Really? Because from my reading of the Bible, Jews are from Egypt, and they found people living in Israel, who they then slaughtered. The Palestinians didn't even kick the Jews out. Maybe Jews should be given Rome, but certainly not Israel. The Palestinians did nothing to deserve how they were treated.


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