Monday, May 23, 2011

The Day After

While I was traveling for the past few days, I got to see a lot of wonderful billboards.  I counted at least two advertising what was referred to as a “Gentleman’s Club”, which sounded neat since I’ve always wanted to be a gentleman myself and it might be nice to see what they do behind closed doors.

Another interesting billboard was one advertising that the Rapture was to take place on May 21st, 2011.  But it was the 22nd and I hadn’t been taken into Heaven.  I guess it’s because I don’t believe in the concept of the Rapture at all.  Perhaps God didn’t want this goat to be among his sheep(le) who would believe some senile elderly man.

Harold Camping is a fool.  And I do mean a fool in the Biblical sense.  If he really was a pastor, he must not have been a really good one for him to come up with this garbage.  And as for the morons who swallowed his lies and garbage wholeheartedly, I have no sympathy for you and your losses.  If you had a small fraction of the wisdom of Solomon, you would not given this guy a second thought.

This is why I’m really starting to abandon Churches as the hope for the future of man.  I know, I probably shouldn’t have from the beginning, but cut me some slack.  I’m learning, after all.  One thing I’m coming to learn is that the Church, as an organization, hasn’t lived up to it’s own expectations in the past century or so.  There are pockets here and there of good churches, but overall, it’s been a shining failure.

They failed to properly combat the creeping invasion of secular, left-wing, progressive thought, which ultimately caused the deaths of millions.  They have failed in keeping women from becoming pastors.  Now, understand that I have nothing against women in general, but in general women don’t make good pastors.  Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t sat through a sermon from a woman.  If you want a fun activity to do during the sermon, keep a tally of how many times she says “I” in her sermon.  Now, go to a sermon presided over by a man and do the same.  I am willing to bet that there is a huge gap.  And if you don’t understand why this is a problem, then you just don’t understand Pride.

Misogyny aside, I’m the Christian who inherited this mess.  I did nothing to create it, I just accept the gift of Eternal Life offered through Jesus.  And then I hunkered down and studied as much as I could from the Bible.  I found that following God is no walk in the park.  While I may never suffer the indignities and downright horrors wrought on Christians over the centuries (look up how the USSR treated Catholics who didn’t yield their faith for the State as a modern example), I will still face all the calamities of being a man.  Jesus never did promise Eternal happiness, after all.

And this is why I flatly reject the very concept of the Rapture.  Christians are not bound by any new sense of euphoria or benefit in this life.  We will all face the same struggles and hardships that non-believers will, depending wholly on our lot in life and the decisions we’ve made as a result.  In other words, we’re going to be facing the same shit hitting fan problems that you all will without exception.  And we’re going to die too, which sucks, especially if it’s a slow death from cancer or AIDS.  Sure, some of us have been raised from the dead, but I’m pretty sure that Lazarus died again.

The Rapture is false hope in the name of deluding people for the purposes of gaining myrmidons.  But this Christian happens to be an individual who found the Truth on his own and thinks for himself.  The most dangerous congregate in a Church pew is one who pays attention to the sermon and confronts the pastor on where he is wrong.  But such a person is a true servant of God, ensuring that idiots like Harold Camping don’t gain much foothold over the spiritually retardate.

Of course Harold Camping is a laughingstock and an easy target.  There are many more wolves out there pretending to be Shepherds and Sheepdogs who are intent on bizarre rituals that involve turning sheep into goats.  I guess goats are much more tasty for wolves.

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