Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stefan Molyneux on The Rapture

Harold Camping said he had a tough weekend, but he recovered quickly once he realized that Judgment Day was to be interpreted spiritually, even though he told us it was "guaranteed" that the rapture would take place on May 21. But hey, by his logic (he's said this) the world "has been warned" by all those advertisements and billboards, so all the money donated and spent to proclaim the message of Judgment wasn't in vain, even though the warning was supposed to be about what was to occur on May 21, 2011, so should everyone ignore the warning as a false alarm? No, says Camping, the end of the world is now only FIVE MONTHS away on October 21, 2011, though Family Radio, he assures us, won't be spending a dime promoting that prophecy.

Makes perfect sense, as did Camping's answer to a reporter's question on the Monday after asking if he would sell or give away all his worldly possessions, like his house. Camping said why would he do that, because he still has to live for the next five months (though if it was me, I wouldn't worry about living for just another five months, even if I had to sleep in my car - and Camping has offices, supporter's homes, motels and such that he could live in - if I was really flying off to paradise in October). What Harold Camping didn't explain was why he wouldn't arrange to have his home and assets transferred on October 21 to a charity, for example. It won't matter if it's the end of the world, as he says it will be, and it would prove he's really serious this time, and truly believes his own crap, rather then just make-believing and deceiving himself that he believes it.

Oh well, enough from me.

Here's Molyneux on The Rapture:

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