Thursday, May 26, 2011

WTF Should I Do?

Nik [or is it Mr. Jakson? No, only if I’m nasty] has taken to addressing you, the reader, a lot lately, and I like it. It’s something I do from time to time, and I think it’s something I should do more. I don’t much care for it when I write something that stretches for pages without ever acknowledging that someone out there may actually be taking the time to read it.

Hello! Whatever your left hand is touching just exploded. Be honest… is anyone out there now neutered?

So, I have a question for you, the reader: what should I be posting? Should I follow Nik’s lead and go in the direction SE is taking of being a news aggregator, posting stories I find interesting from elsewhere? Should I write more on political theory? More on religion? More fiction? More humor? More humor that’s actually funny? Whoa, whoa… let’s be realistic, here…

I feel like I’ve neglected not so much my duty to Skeptical Eye the past couple weeks, but also the opportunity. I’ve been unusually busy in my real life of late (for a while, I had begun to question if I even had one of those anymore). Do you want to read about what’s happening here? Scratch that, I know you don’t. You may think you do, but it’s not a good story, one mostly centered on cleaning and necessary chores, sort of a male Cinderella tale without magic. I’m shopping the movie rights, but so far no takers.

But what about old stories? I mean, I’m not ancient, by any means. I may be the youngest contributor on SE (anyone younger than 27?), but I did some weird things in my life, and the financial privilege of the family I come from has afforded me some interesting opportunities. Not lucrative ones, but many that take vaudevillian turns (sorry, no musical numbers… yet).

I’ve always been someone who thrives on format (see: my blog’s weekly features). Sitting down and knowing what I am going to write makes it easier, and it helps even more as I’m going through my day-to-day life while not blogging to have in the back of my mind, “Be on the lookout for weird words, Wednesday is coming up.”

So, any ideas (even crudely insulting ones) are more than welcome. I wait with baited breath to see how many stars this gets…

Note: if you want me to kill myself, please be specific regarding method.


  1. Nobody wants you to kill yourself (I hope not, anyway) though I sorta wish you wouldn't try to piss me off so often. Then again, it wouldn't be the same around here if you actually started making sense, so no, stay as you are.

    Personally, when it comes to posting, I don't like sticking to one thing. Links, videos, personal stories, fiction, reviews, commentary, regular weekly features (gotta get a new Dear Mr. Skeptical ready), it all works. Go with what interests you at the moment.

    By the way, I think some personal thoughts with link posts work best, even if just a sentence or two (and the excerpt quoted should be "fair use" length unless the original gives explicit permission to republish, as under a Creative Commons license or other stated policy).

  2. Nobody wants you to kill yourself

    If that's true, I think I failed.

  3. Oh Hi guys, my kitchen's in the SE corner of the Clue game floor plan. It gives me a secret passage directly to the study which is in the NW corner. If you just wait long enough death under the heading of 'Something Natural' will pick you for their team if you're feeling rather lonely. I know you didn't mean to, I have a toothache but five minutes in here, I feel better all ready! Thanks. So, I hope to stay busy like Jakson and enjoy a big cigar now and then.


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