Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slavery In The Northern States

Article on slavery in the North.

Slavery was still very much alive, and in some places even expanding, in the northern colonies of British North America in the generation before the American Revolution. The spirit of liberty in 1776 and the rhetoric of rebellion against tyranny made many Americans conscious of the hypocrisy of claiming natural human rights for themselves, while at the same time denying them to Africans. Nonetheless, most of the newly free states managed to postpone dealing with the issue of slavery, citing the emergency of the war with Britain.

That war, however, proved to be the real liberator of the northern slaves. Wherever it marched, the British army gave freedom to any slave who escaped within its lines.

Hmm, sounds like those who support the slave-holding American colonies in their war for Independence from Great Britain are pro-slavery. Stop kissing the ass of the slavery loving American revolutionaries, people!


  1. Isn't it odd how the northern states ended slavery without having to break away and fight a war? As did the UK... and every European nation for that matter. It was only the incivilized drooling masses of the Slave States which were so easily led into violent conflict by the wealthy elite.

  2. Well, you just made MY point on slavery. It would have ended peacefully in the South as well. As President Jefferson Davis stated himself, even if the South won the war, slavery could not be maintained. Your statement, of course, begs the question on the reasons the South seceded.

    But again you miss the larger issue (and repeat a lie) about the motives and reasons for the war. The preservation of the "Union" was the surface reason of the North and Lincoln (though you can't preserve a Union that is meaningful, as the founders intended, by force), later giving us the mythology of slavery as the cause (to give the North the moral high ground in a propaganda war designed to keep the Confederacy from being recognized by foreign governments, and give an after the fact justification to the destruction and death unleashed on America by the tyrant Lincoln).


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