Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No More Questions

I'm announcing the official end of the (almost) daily Question of the Day series. If questions get no answers, there's no point in asking them. Well, maybe there is, but probably not on a blog. Better to just make statements and tell the world (what little of it is reading) to go to hell if they happen to disagree.

The thing is, with many of the questions I've posted, I really did want to know what others thought, and in some cases, I didn't have an answer of my own. I suppose if I ever have another question for you guys, I'll post a SPECIAL QUESTION (the all caps works for that, I think).

For now, I plan to continue with the Question of the Night series, since I don't really care, in the depths of the darkness of those midnight queries, if I get any answers; I'm not expecting to hear back from the shadows, and I'm not sure I want to...


  1. Meh. The majority of my questions go unanswered.

    Heck, I still marvel how a person can get thousands of visitors per day despite starting a blog a couple of weeks before. I thought it was all about content. Yet, most have little content and in some cases of mediocre quality. But yet, I see 50 comments.

    Good on them.

    I'm definitely missing something.

    Meh. Again.

  2. T.C., I can give several examples of such blogs right now, if I want to. I still don't get it. Of course, the comments in many of those cases are as mediocre or pointless as the posts.

    What are we doing wrong? I think I know. We actually care about what we post and have some kind of a point and put a little thought into what we write.

    Maybe if you and I teamed up and starting posting total crap, we'd get some real traffic and 50-100 comments per post.

  3. That should be fun!

    I am so capable of uselessness.


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