Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post of the Moment: The War for Southern Independence was not about slavery

I am responding to an article I recently read by Leonard Pitts Jr., a noted Black Columnist in South Florida. His article was entitled, ‘The Civil War was about slavery… Nothing more’. I found this article to be very misleading and riddled grossly with distortions of the real causes of the War Between the States. I find it it’s so amusing that such an educated person, Mr. Pitts, would not know the facts.

I am a proud native of South Carolina. I have spent my entire life in what was once, The Confederate States of America. I am currently associated with Southern Heritage causes, including the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Tampa.

It’s been one hundred and fifty years since brave patriotic Southerners drove the Imperialist Yankee army from Fort Sumter South Carolina.

The Confederate canon fire to evict the aggressor Army of The Potomac from the Fort was the first official military action to assert and defend States’ Rights of all of the States in the Union.

It also marked the beginning of the Confederates fight to expel this foreign Army from all of the Southern home land.

After all these years, there still exists national historical ignorance and lies about this war of Yankee aggression and atrocities. The War Between the States was about State’s Rights and not about slavery.

Remember that the original colonies voluntarily joined the Union and never gave up their individual States’ sovereignty.

These independent States always retained their right to manage their domestic affairs and to leave this voluntary association at any time.

This voluntary union was for limited reasons such as; National defense from the foreign powers, one language, interstate commerce, disputes between the sovereign States, and matters of Foreign affairs.

When the Southern States tried to leave this Union, the Northerners had to put a stop to this. The Slavery issue was masterly inserted into the movement of Yankee aggression.

The War for Southern Independence was not about slavery

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