Sunday, April 17, 2011

Possibly Gay Poet Inspires Rick Santorum's Campaign Slogan

Rick "homosexuality is the same as incest" Santorum backs away from a "gay" campaign slogan, which is as moronic as his authoritarian statements on gay rights. Consenting adults, according to past Santorum statements, don't have the right to engage in sex in the privacy of their own homes. He's just another big government asshole (and with his obsession with gay sex, his is no doubt a big, wide, gaping one) pretending he is a conservative.

Former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum announced Wednesday that he was forming an exploratory committee for a possible presidential run. His slogan was, and remains on his website, "Fighting to make America America again."

But it might not be for long. Santorum, a well-known conservative, backed away from the phrase -- saying he had "nothing to do" with it -- after being told it derives from a poem by Langston Hughes.-Rick Santorum says he had 'nothing to do with' campaign slogan taken from Langston Hughes poem

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