Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday Jesus: Christian Atheism?

Jesus, although not seen as divine, is still a central feature of Christian atheism. Most Christian atheists think of Jesus as a wise and good man, accepting his moral teachings but rejecting the idea of his divinity.-Wikipedia

Most Christians might as well be atheists, cause they don't really believe any of it, and if they say they do, then their actions deny it completely.

Oh, and welcome back, Sunday Jesus post! You've been missed here at SE.

Jesus, I have a question for you (and I hope you'll leave a comment here, thus proving your existence): How come all of your followers aren't on the same page? I thought you were going to give them the Holy Spirit so they would know all truth and not have to just guess what the hell you were talking about. Well?


  1. Not only am I leaving a comment to prove my existence to you, I'm also joining your blog!

    You heathens at SE could do so much more for the world if you were my followers. I don't usually force myself on people (except after death when it's too late for them, hahahahah!) but I'm making an exception for you.

    I stand in your contributor list, will you open your heart and let me post? (I'm going to post anyway, I'm God after all, and you can't stop me, but still, I love when when people "voluntarily" let me in.

  2. Very funny, whoever you are, but get over it, Jesus can't hear me or my prayers. And you certainly aren't joining this blog. First of all, see our "contributors wanted" page. I don't think you're what we're looking for.

  3. Nikk, my child, take a look at your list of contributors in the sidebar to your right. Notice anything?

  4. Radio Blogger has officially lost his last marble.

  5. Radio went nuts a few weeks ago. I think you drove him insane.

  6. I'm fiarly sure that it was a "pre-existing condition," as they say in the insurance world.


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