Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off to the Bank, Walmart and the Gas Station (yes, at this hour)

My roommate (who takes up the one-car driveway with his old truck when he's home) is gone to a friend's house for the night and won't be back until tomorrow, so I have the house to myself. That also means I have the driveway to myself. The reason this is important is because there isn't much street parking (well, there is, but it's all gone by 7 or 8PM) and that means I usually have to rush home to get a spot, and then after that, I can't go out again, because when I got home, my parking place would be taken. But tonight, it's different, I've got the driveway! So, I'm heading out in a moment to go to the ATM to get some cash (I have my reasons) and to stop by the 24 hour Walmart to pick up some milk and a few other items, then, since I'm down to about a quarter tank of gas, I'll stop by the local ARCO and fill up.

That's my excitement for the night, the life of a wage slave under statism (also known as capitalism).

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