Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bangable Dudes Blog

This one's for Rick Santorum. It might have been a Blog of the Moment, but, number one, the posts aren't labeled by date, so I don't know how recently (or frequently) it's been updated. Number two, I don't generally consider blogs that don't allow for any comments to be real blogs; to me, comments (or at least having a comment system in place, in case someone does decide to interact with the blog author) are a major part of the experience of blogging. Number three, I'm way too heterosexual to stomach the thought of the coveted Blog of the Moment award going to something with the words "bangable" and "dudes" in the same title, though at least in this instance, it's bangable dead dudes (okay, I did see one "bangable dame" on there).

Bangable Dudes in History

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