Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Melancholy of the Anarchist

It is a beautiful thing to find yourself in a situation where you are left alone by a state you consider insane, and murderous. The moment of emancipation when one is no longer contributing directly through income tax, is sublime.

What we need more of, is those quiet and still moments, where we are able to act alongside our convictions.

Sometimes all it takes is to gently tell the other person; " I am deeply sorry for the misunderstanding, but I cannot follow these rules. I am a free human being."
We are lucky in the Western World, in that we can express any ideas we want, and also suffer the consequences - for sometimes, the only place for an honest man in this society of brutality, is in jail.

Don't ever let them convince you that "their" paradigm is the "correct" one - we are all making this up as we go along.

I hugged Officer 2012, in an earlier video. We meet again in this one. I had a chat with the Police at Scotland Yard HQ - explained to them what the Love Police is really about - that of spiritual and sentient sovereignty.

There are many things other human beings may ask of me, but if I find them illegitimate, or outdated, I will say No - my life is mine - you may commit yourself to physically or psychologically violent acts against me, but I will stand firm in my convictions - I am what I am, and so are you - do not impose on me, and do not impose on others.

In a world where good men die like dogs and women are often raped and oppressed, we fight the good fight, that of disapproval, and that of direct action.

In the time it took you to read this 21 people died of poverty and starvation related diseases.

The Love Police calls for a slower life, and a return to nature.
Only in a society of equals, with no leaders, and no hierarchy, is true love possible.

Anarchy is Love

The Love Police

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