Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Two Duds

Welcome to our new Wednesday feature, which, in future editions, will actually be wordless! Each week this post will have no written text, except for whatever you add in the comments. Also, I'm taking this opportunity to present the preliminary debut (the real debut is coming, and the characters will look much different; rounder heads and bodies, better sticks for arms and legs) of our new comic, Two Duds, featuring Nick and Brett, a couple of losers on their way to total obscurity (even though that's where they started and where they remain).

So, for the premiere of Wordless Wednesday and Two Duds, we present a Wordless Two Duds. Please supply some dialogue for each panel in the comments. Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. Frame 1: "Damn government, ruining everything."
    "Like what?"

    Frame 2: "Well, like up there, the moon comes out during the day sometimes, that's not right."
    "I'm pretty sure the government has nothing to do with the moon."

    Frame 3: "A ha! So you admit the moon landing was all a fake!"
    "You know, not everything has to be a battle."

    Frame 4: "Okay, let's hug."
    "Come here, you."


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