Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nashville's Sedan and Independent Limo Services Fight City Effort To Run Them Off the Road

On April 20, 2011, the Institute for Justice teamed up with three Nashville entrepreneurs and filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee to vindicate the right of Nashville's limo and sedan operators to earn an honest living free from excessive government regulation.

video via The Radical Libertarian

This sort of thing is a common example of the anti-free market state capitalist system, which enriches some private interests at the expense of other, less powerful private interests. Such regulations have little or nothing to do with "public safety", and the gullibility of many that government is there to protect us with regulations on everything, is part of the whole myth of good government that the state and its lapdogs in the mainstream media attempt to brainwash us into believing. It is also part of the larger support of the system of capitalist wage slavery, which doesn't want ordinary people to have income producing opportunities outside the established, phony, "free market" statist system.

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  1. Prior to starting my business, I was predisposed to lean this way. Now that I'm actually in it, I know for a fact the state when teaming up with big corps. skews prices in so many subtle ways.

    Construction in particular is a giant scam. From the unions to the mob it's the little guy who gets reemed and that's a simple reality.

    People who never invested their own money and taken a risk but support any type of interventionism have no clue what the ramifications are. They don't realize the government is the trojan horse sucking the life out our our money.

    They can't possibly grasp what the intricacies of running a business is like when up against so many rules and regulations and taxes.

    It erodes not just the bottom line but it puts pressure on higher superficial prices. Then comes the unneccessary stress which can't be measured in financial terms.

    The government should referee and not go beyond that point. Once they do, they put everything out of whack and put added pressure on their own jobs.

    The key phrases in the video are: 'understand customer needs' and 'they can't tell me what to charge.'

    ABSOLUTELY. There can be no argument about this. None. No 'greater good' or 'protecting you' crap justifies it.

    For example, to use my business again, there are so many laws I have THREE massive binders - all in French - I must get to know.

    If me and a parent decide as consenting adults on something for THEIR child the state can prevent us from doing it. Happens all the time in education in Quebec.

    This points to the 'they can't know my customer needs' angle. Every business becomes extremely adept at reflecting their customer needs and wants. This is eroded when a municipality coerces laws that, let's face it, BENEFIT THEM.

    If the customer and business owner don't agree with it then 'cui bono?'

    Trickier still is pricing. The government doesn't always tell you what to charge like the monopolized thiefs in Nashville did, but they can create a scenario where you're forced to charge a price you don't want to.

    I charge a certain price. I figure I can charge maybe $8 less (maybe more) if it weren't for all the tax upon tax including payroll tax, payment for permits and other expenses I deem excessive.

    The government knows it's expensive so their magic solution - and Obama is big on this - are tax credits.

    Tax credits aren't necessary if you think about it. If they would just get out of the way, MY PRICE WOULD REFLECT WHAT THE NARKET CAN BEAR and there would be no need for monthly receipts for tax credits. Tax credits don't do squat for the economy. They just help normalize what should be in the first place.

    But let's go green and cut more trees for all the fucking bureaucratic red tape.


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