Saturday, April 2, 2011

Serious Inflation Coming

Get ready for more food inflation across the board in the coming months at your local grocery store, a lot more price inflation, including for staples such as dairy products, meat, and bread.

Coffee, sugar and cocoa prices will rise five- to 10-fold by 2014 because of shortages that will mean consumers getting “swamped” by food-price inflation, according to Superfund Financial.-Food Commodities Rise Seen Swamping Consumers With Inflation

The United States has enjoyed monetary stability for the last eighty years, a stability that has been the cornerstone of American prosperity—

—but that stability is set to end.

Most American consumers and investors don’t know it yet, but they are about to experience a profound, disruptive macro-economic crisis: A hyperinflationary event.

It has happened before in many countries, in many periods of history—Weimar Germany, Latin America, Zimbabwe—and it is about to happen in the United States.-Hyperinflation In America, A Message from Gonzalo Lira

Glenn Beck interviews "The Creature from Jekyll Island" author G. Edward Griffin

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