Friday, April 1, 2011

Questions for Officer Mike

So I just interviewed Mike, a police officer, over at my blog. Nikk was quick to criticize the interview, and without his further elaboration, I can take a few guesses at why.

For one thing, I’m not a “gotcha” interviewer. I’m interested in having an enjoyable conversation with someone that it hopefully entertaining enough for a reader to be able to follow along and not get bored. In essence, most of my interviews will probably be puff pieces.

Or I should say, they will be at first. Even a cursory reading of my first interview with Nikk will show that as the interview progresses, I’m willing to take a more adversarial stance and ask harder questions. I also cease to take a neutral stance as things move along. My interview with Nikk lasted hours, while my interview with Mike lasted just under 45 minutes.

But lucky for those who may have been turned off by the wishy-washy tone of the interview, I have a follow-up planned. This one will hopefully last a full hour and I also would like to pose some questions to Mike sent in by you, the SE readers and contributors.

If you ever wanted to ask an officer of the law anything, this is your chance. I haven’t used pre-meditated questions yet, but I like the idea, since I am sometimes at a loss for where to steer the interview and I end up asking oddball (see also: stupid and useless) questions. Post them in the comments and I promise that nearly any valid question suggested will be used in my next interview.


  1. Ask him how come no one wants to ask him any questions.

  2. I was going to ask him about 1.67 stars, but that's a good one, too.

  3. Bret the little narcissist watching gay porn while his wifey works to being in the bacon..again, why is the little Bret here? What does he contribute? His rants are only what you would expect from a drug addict or intoxicated loser.

  4. There's nothing wrong with gay porn, and my wife most certainly isn't working to be in the bacon... she was raised Jewish, after all.

    What do I contribute? Well, most of the material on SE that wasn't copy and pasted. Okay, not most, but the only stuff worth reading. Actually swiftfoxmark2 has some good stuff from time to time, and I like "Dear Mr. Skeptical." But yeah, I at least contribute a far-left view, and you can't take that away from me!

    And again, my drug days are behind me. I gave that stuff up years ago... I mean, unless you're holding.

  5. Ginx, that's why you're here. You have at least given us food for thought (and not just about gay porn-loving, intoxicated narcissists whose wives like to jump into bacon) and write your own, hallucinogenic posts.

    Thanks for throwing me a bone by mentioning Dear Mr. Skeptical. Glad you like it!


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