Thursday, April 7, 2011

Question of the Night: How Much Do You Hate Ryan Seacrest?

I was studying Bible code, and I did a matrix on Ryan Seacrest. The following words appeared in close proximity with one another: "Ryan Seacrest" "beast" "endtimes begin." You think this is mere coincidence?-Ryan Seacrest is the Antichrist

There is no way to measure my own hatred for Ryan Seacrest, it is off the charts. Even back in its early days when I could stand to watch that godawful murderer of music called American Idol, I would still almost turn it off solely due to the stench of Ryan Seacrest.

You may think tonight's question assumes a lot, but unless you are currently confined to a mental institution and are a certified lunatic, I know you can't possibly love Ryan Seacrest, or even like him just a little. No, I know you hate him, the only question is, how much?


  1. I don't watch shows designed to keep to the slacktivist drug addicts and unemployed gay-porn watchers distracted.


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