Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry

"Experience is a dear teacher," said Benjamin Franklin, "but fools will learn at no other." Give some credit to fools: At least they eventually learn from experience. What would Franklin say about people who don't?

By that, I refer to gun control advocates alarmed that the Illinois legislature may vote to let licensed individuals carry concealed handguns. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence calls the measure "dangerous." Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center says that it would lead to Tucson-style mass shootings as well as the killing of police.-The Unconcealed Truth About Carrying Guns

Good points from the above on the idiots against concealed carry, points out that crime statistics are flawed when used to smear gun owners, typical liberal gun-hating lies exposed! Again!

On the question of open or concealed carry, both have their pluses and minuses...

Pluses (Open Carry)

You can choose any size pistol, even a massively huge one. Size may matter to you, so no need to make from under your clothing for the biggest, meanest gun you can find.

Fast access, no struggling to get you gun out and ready to deter or defend against a criminal scumbag.

The scum will KNOW you've got a gun! No wondering about it. It may better deter crime.

In your face on exercising your rights to the angry insane gun-haters, anti-gun lobby.

No permit, paperwork needed (depends on where you live, as some states allow concealed carry without a permit).

Minuses (open Carry)

Maybe too conspicuous to evil statist know-nothings and criminal cops. There have been cases where the police have arrested someone open carrying where it is LEGAL to do so. Why expose yourself to that?

Greater need for constant awareness of your surroundings, watching for pond scum that might try to take your gun away from you.

Pluses (concealed carry)

very inconspicuous, they don't know you have a gun on you!

May be better able to react and stop a crime in progress.

Criminals will not know in advance you have a weapon to defend yourself...the element of surprise on your side.

Minuses (concealed carry)

You'll have a more difficult time hiding that giant gun you love.

No deterrent effect.

Harder to access your weapon when you need it.

Bureaucratic (and unconstitutional) paperwork.

The Open Carry Argument

There is always the option of doing both at the same time, of course!

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  1. Nothing like a good laugh. Keep reposting bullshit, maybe it will be accurate one of these days.


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