Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Desecration of a Quran

At this point, everyone knows about the riots in Afghanistan that left 22 dead and dozens wounded in several days of rioting. And all it took was a Quran and a small Florida church.

Some guy who I have no interest in giving a plug to decided to burn a Quran… but not before putting it on trial, because that’s the American way. It was found guilty of inciting violence, and I presume burning was chosen because the electric chair is not literature compatible.

Let’s get one thing straight: anyone has the right to do this. People who are condemning this minister for doing this have no grounds to tell him he can’t. The guy is an asshole, but he was an asshole long before he burned a Quran.

Being an asshole myself, this is something I want to get in on. I always wanted to get people to participate in something, but most bloggers can’t be bothered to do too much. I mean… look how many people can’t even take the time to leave a comment.

However, book burning is just so… I don’t know… I’m tempted to say Nazi, but I’ll go with Christian. I think I can get much more creative than that. So, I introduce to you: Desecrate a Quran Day. This way, we don’t have to worry about working around fire codes.

So here’s what I’m proposing: use your imagination to defile a copy of the Quran in bold and creative new ways. Make sure to document it in some fashion, preferably through videos or pictures (though I’d be more than happy to get some written narratives). If you’re pressed for cash, you can always request a free copy by googling “Free Quran/Koran.” This site is merely one example of a method of procuring a copy at no cost to you, the infidel.

When? I toyed with the idea of a “Desecrate the Quran Day,” and I’d be happy to arbitrarily set a date, but again… I hate telling people what to do, and I wouldn’t want your participation to be limited by a busy schedule on the proposed day. I think the right time to desecrate a Quran is whenever the urge strikes you, soft of an impulse iconoclasm. Any accounts sent in will be periodically posted here for the viewing enjoyment and violent reaction of all the world.

[*EDIT* If you wish to remain anonymous, feel free to say so in your submission e-mail and your identity will be confidential.]

Send your submissions to: DesecrateTheQuran@gmail.com

Please send all death threats to: me@glennbeck.com


  1. I'm not religious at all but I disagree with this.

    imho, the world's not gunna be a cooler place to live in by "fighting fire with fire".

    Not all muslims (or people of any other brainwashing religion - all religions) are extremists who like to shove their opinions down others' throats. It's a tiny percentage of the entire muslim population in fact.

    You do what you want though. Each to their own.
    I just have the right to protest and I will.

    I am interested to see where this goes though.

  2. I wouldn’t ask someone to do something they were against, but I would like to point out that I’m not fighting fire with fire. If I strapped a bomb to my chest and blew myself up in a mosque, you might have a point. What I’m suggesting is more like fighting fire by pissing on it.

    I really recommend you pick up a Quran anyway, whether you plan to deface it or not. It’s worth reading so that you know what’s in it. I have read two translations, both at the recommendation of a Muslim. I can basically sum up my review of it by saying it’s the single most violent “holy book” I ever read (and I read a lot of mythology). I challenge you to flip to a random page and not find a call for death or violent punishment or assurance of eternal damnation for the unbeliever.

    But frankly, it’s not about what’s in the Quran, it’s about how some Muslims respond to criticism (desecrate a Bible or book by Richard Dawkins, for all I care). It hurts no one to do something to a book. The people who are actually hurting others are the ones who witness or hear of a symbolic act and use it as justification for murdering people.

    I don’t begrudge anyone for being a coward. You are even free to stand up for the sensitive feelings of murderers, allowing fear of violence to dictate what can or cannot be done. That’s your business. However, part of being in a civil society is the acknowledgement that people can openly criticize or even publicly demonstrate against your views. Maybe you don’t consider that to be important, but I find it to be a fundamental tenant of liberty.

    I like picking on bullies. For me, it’s not only a hobby, it’s more like a calling. As you say, not all Muslims are extremists. I would go farther and say very few Muslims are extremists. This overwhelming majority of peaceful Muslims will get over it, knowing that a desecrated Quran has no effect on their faith.

    An act of symbolic defiance like this is essentially an extremist-seeking missile: it only hits the intended target. How they choose to react is their business, not mine, just as the consequences of their reaction are their own, not mine.

    I don’t know how I could convince you of how harmless this is… maybe I could say that if you don’t deface a Quran, I’ll kill people. That seems to be the motive behind the decision making of those who oppose what I’m suggesting: placate violent psychopaths, that way we teach people that threats of violence yield results.

    I’ll be participating, and I’m sure in the coming days we can have more interesting discussions on the matter. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go clean the floor around my toilet with Sura 114.


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