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Global Warming: An anti-scientific political movement

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“Based on our analyses, especially with respect to the violations of the principles regarding objectivity and full disclosure,” Armstrong told members of Congress, “we conclude that the manmade global warming alarm is an anti-scientific political movement.”


After decades of allowing industries to pollute at will all in the name of those handy dandy “free markets” that are wrecking economies around the world, and with a cacophony of individuals from all levels of the economic spectrum crying out that those of us who objected to the rape, plunder and devastation of everything in sight in the name of “profits” was just because we didn’t want them to get rich, it comes as no surprise that the devastation has reached a critical level. Only we aren’t allowed to blame the core polluters, instead, the general public has been targeted.

As the level of pollution of air, water and food along with the land became more obvious a new movement appeared claiming that man-made global warming was the cause of everything. Man-made was of course, you and me. Our very existence was what was causing the claimed drastic change in the environment. Along came Al gore and his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” that although was quite alarming in its assessments and predictions, turns out wasn’t really quite the truth at all. But it was a tremendous catalyst for not only the global warming myth, but also, just the right piece of propaganda to launch the new Cap & Trade.
Global warming appeared everywhere. It was on billboards, in newspaper ads, in magazines, on the radio and TV. Everyone was perched on the edge of their seats waiting for the huge rise in temperatures signaling the arrival of global warming that would surely signal the end of time. And then summer temperatures were actually a few degrees cooler than normal, and the winters some of the worst in recorded history reaching into areas where blizzards, snowfalls and ice storms were virtually unheard of.

In the midst of the global warming that wasn’t, came the revelations of what we now know as “Climate-gate”, the release of numerous memo’s, emails and other communications detailing just exactly how data was to be manipulated and how to avoid using established protocols in order to produce an “acceptable scientific consensus” that could be sold to the public. This was all done to lay the foundations for the new Cap & Trade that would be foisted on to the public at large while still leaving the pay to pollute system in place for industrial polluters.

Then came this recent revelation reported by Digital Journal on April 01 2011:

In testimony yesterday (March 31, 2011) before the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment Committee on Science, Space and Technology, forecasting expert J. Scott Armstrong of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania testifying:

The three researchers audited the forecasting procedures used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), whose “procedures violated 81% of the 89 relevant forecasting principles,” Armstrong noted.

Armstrong and his colleagues recommend Congress end government funding for climate change research as well as other research, government programs, and regulations that assume the planet is warming. They also recommend Congress cease funding organizations that lobby or campaign for global warming.

“Based on our analyses, especially with respect to the violations of the principles regarding objectivity and full disclosure,” Armstrong told members of Congress, “we conclude that the manmade global warming alarm is an anti-scientific political movement.”

OMG! Scientific blasphemy! The sad part is this; now Armstrong no matter how illustrious his career has been will be skewered in the media, cursed by the global warming believers and most likely see his career destroyed just for speaking what he knew to be true. That’s what we do to people who don’t parrot the government approved information. We destroy them and we elevate the deceivers into positions of esteem.

If Armstrong’s recommendations are considered, it forces congress to address the actual major cause of pollution generated by pampered industrial corporate donors. Don’t hold your breath.

The really unfortunate part of this story is that we all know that congressional hearings of any kind are staged, scripted and meaningless. Even armed with this serious and damning information from an actual expert, nothing will come of this hearing. When the cameras were shut off, all the information went into the nearest wastebasket and congress went to dinner. End of story.

Armstrong’s testimony, citing the deception and active avoidance of accepted protocols is the second time that global warming has been exposed for the myth that it is. No doubt those who cling to this myth will call for his head. But hey! We still got Cap & Trade!

They didn’t pass Cap & Trade did they?

For those who think Cap & Trade never passed; think again. It passed from congress right over to the Environmental Protection Agency to be implemented by statute and regulations, rather than by congressional voting. This maneuver got congress off the hook and prevented more ill feelings from the public towards them. Once safely in the hands of another of those privately owned federal corporations that siphons money not only off the taxpayers, but which can contract with other corporations against the taxpayers all in the name of corporate profits, could be implemented by nameless and blameless bureaucrats who make their living making everyone’s lives miserable with their tendencies to turn a simple solution into an exercise in idiocy.

Because the EPA, just like every other alphabet soup federal corporation, is autonomous it is also free from any meaningful oversight, as it is a privately held corporation. Congress can not tell the EPA what to do, they can only make suggestions about what they would like to see done. Of course congress is quite silent in this matter.

While corporate polluters will be allowed to continue to pollute as much as their bank accounts can stand, you and I will bear the brunt of the costs and oppressive legislative meanderings. After all, it is our fault that we use the products and services of these polluters, therefore, pollution is our fault. Of course if we didn’t use their products and services the federal government would just bail them out and we would be forced to subsidize them anyway. Might as well turn the lights on and get some bang for your buck.

In the end we have had to accept that global warming is a contrived and fabricated myth that was launched into the public consciousness with ulterior motives attached. It was a grand plan that has generated mucho amounts of revenue for the fed, and has been the convenient cover for numerous activities that many would prefer you didn’t pay attention to. Chemtrailing, open air testing of biological agents and weapons or that all time favorite HAARP, to name a few.

I doubt congress will pay any attention to Armstrong and his testimony. This global warming/Cap & Trade deal was just too damn lucrative. They aren’t going to want to give that up.


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