Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Say No to GMO (music video)

Just Say No to GMO music video and song by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of Written and performed by Mike Adams, this song exposes the lies of the GMO biotech industry, specifically mentioning Monsanto and genetically modified corn. It also features rap lined from Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology, author of Seeds of Deception.


  1. The free market spoke, why are you complaining like a whiney liberal? Did you get sand in your organic vagina? Do you think stupid raps are going to do anything to stop the corporate food industry? Are you that retarded, or are you perhaps willing to admit maybe government could step in and fix anything?

    No, no... of course not. It's better to just rap about it, because that has worked so well for black people.

  2. What free market, Bret? One major motivating factor is patent law. These corporations want to control the food supply with "intellectual property" claims, which they wouldn't be able to do without the state.

    If I was calling myself a conservative, you might have a point, but as you know, I'm an anarchist.

  3. If you were addressing the rapping guy, well, he'll have to speak for himself.

  4. IP is a complete non-issue here. We can debate it, and I think you know I support an extremely finite claim to IP to enable profit off of new ideas and to encourage innovation, not espionage. But the real issue here is that the food is horrible and arguably unhealthy for both human consumption and the planet's ecosystems.

    The problem is not that other companies are not able to feed us garbage, it's that companies like Monsanto have helped disprove "free markets" by demonstrating that quality and constumers come a distant second to raw, short-term profits.

  5. Big Ag has absolutely nothing to do with anything close to “free market” ask any farmer (I was raised one) what US agriculture is all about.

    Where does a huge part of corporate welfare go? - Look to the bloated pig that is Big Ag!

    Your tax dollars at work helping Big Ag develop ways to lock out the competition - all on your dime.

    May FDR roast in hell for his statist programs that damage us to this day.

  6. That's because the free market is a myth, and a healthy market requires active maintenance.

    I guess it only took 100 years for Americans to forget this...

    What's more, the conditions for corruption are created by conservatism, because we encourage the amassing of fortunes in the hands of a few. In the end, Democrats and Republicans end up equally bought and equally corrupt, because we refuse to support campaign finance reform or any form of separation of government and industry.

  7. Radio makes a good point I didn't mention, and that is that endless Federal subsides go to these big agricultural corporations.

    But Bret, how is IP a non-issue here? The video is specifically about GMOs, which are directly related to patents.

  8. "That's because the free market is a myth, and a healthy market requires active maintenance.”


    The conditions for corruption are created by mercantilism and subservience to the oligarchy. That crosses the false left and false right...

    Finance reform will fix nothing the system is designed for corruption, separation of government and industry was never the goal of the flawed constitution it was designed that way by the Hamiltonians.


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