Monday, December 6, 2010

Helen Thomas: "Congress, The White House, Hollywood & Wall Street Are Owned By The Zionists!"

You'll notice Helen Thomas didn't say "Jews", she said "Zionists", and there is a difference, in spite of the various smear campaigns against anyone who tells the truth about the Israel Lobby . Now, perhaps Thomas really is an anti-Semite Jew hater, which would be unfortunate if true, but that doesn't change the reality that someone who has no animosity whatsoever against Jews, but who said the exact same things she has (those things that have gotten media attention) would be just as quickly labeled anti-Semitic by the ruling elite and their lapdog "mainstream" media.

And sure, some may use the term Zionist as a code word, but the real, limited meaning of that word can be proven with just a reference to Christian Zionists, such as right-wing nutjob and Israel supporter John Hagee. I don't believe Hagee or the majority of his followers are Jewish.

The whole purpose of attacking and censuring someone like Helen Thomas is to send out the message that you will be ostracized by the state-controlled media if you dare to speak what's really on your mind, especially when it comes to U.S. foreign policy and our relationship with Israel, and the Israel Lobby's puppet U.S. Congress and White House.

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