Monday, December 6, 2010

Writing a Letter to Santa Claus Goes Digital

A new software application for phones has just made it a lot easier for parents and children to write letters to Santa Claus.

I think this is actually a terrible idea. Let the kids write letters that can be mailed or secretly kept by the parents until the little ones grow up (I still have a letter I wrote to Santa - yeah, it may be from last year, but you get my point). There's nothing quite like those childish, barely readable, misspelled scrawls in crayon that say "childhood", so enough with all the technology already. Let's get back into the spirit of a real old fashioned Christmas and not only write a real letter to the jolly old fellow at the North Pole, but leave some cookies and milk out for him as well (I'm sure someone is planning a phone application for digital "cookies and milk" as I write this).

Now excuse me, I've got a Christmas wish list to write up.

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  1. Re: Cartoon...

    Yeah, but half of them are just spam accounts of women who want you to check out their web cam.


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